Alison Duguid

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Subjects Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics


Duguid, Alison and Alan Partington 2017 Forced lexical primings in transdiscoursive political messaging: How they are produced and how they are receivedLexical Priming: Applications and advances, Pace-Sigge, Michael and Katie J. Patterson (eds.), pp. 67–92
Lexical priming is a term for the processes by which listeners, by repeated exposure, first internalise and then reproduce the constituent elements of language, their combinatorial possibilities and the semantic and pragmatic meanings associated with them (Hoey 2005). Forced priming (Duguid 2009),… read more | Chapter
This paper is intended as a contribution to Corpus Assisted Discourse Studies1 (CADS), defined as a meeting of two disciplines, that of corpus linguistics and that of discourse analysis. Here, two small corpora of opinion articles from British broadsheets and Times Literary Supplement texts are… read more | Article