Joost J. Kloek

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Book series


The Search for a New Alphabet: Literary studies in a changing world

Edited by Harald Hendrix, Joost J. Kloek, Sophie Levie and Willie van Peer

[Not in series, 76] 1996. x, 326 pp.
Subjects Comparative literature & literary studies


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Kloek, Joost J. 1989. Innovation or confirmation of the norm? Goethe’s Werther in Holland 1775–1800. Convention and Innovation in Literature, D’haen, Theo, Rainer Grübel and Helmut Lethen (eds.), pp. 151 ff.
Van den Berg, Wim and Joost J. Kloek. 1988. Thorbecke and the Resistance to Irony in the Netherlands. Romantic Irony, Garber, Frederick (ed.), pp. 156 ff.