Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung

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Experimental Arabic Linguistics

Edited by Dimitrios Ntelitheos and Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung

[Studies in Arabic Linguistics, 10] 2021. vii, 249 pp.
Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Theoretical linguistics


Marquis, Alexandra, Meera Al Kaabi, Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung and Fatima Boush. 2021. An eye-tracking study of phonological awareness in Emirati Arabic. Experimental Arabic Linguistics, Ntelitheos, Dimitrios and Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung (eds.), pp. 109–122
This paper studies phonological awareness in Emirati Arabic by tracking eye movements. Thirty-eight Arabic participants, divided into feedback and no feedback groups, were evaluated on three phonological conditions: (1) explicit instructions for onset consonant matching, (2) implicit instructions… read more | Chapter
Ntelitheos, Dimitrios and Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung. 2021. Introduction: Experimental approaches to Arabic linguistics. Experimental Arabic Linguistics, Ntelitheos, Dimitrios and Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung (eds.), pp. 1–20
Recent studies of sluicing as an elliptical construction are divided with respect to how the bare wh-word in the sluicing clause (i.e. wh-sluice) manifests its expected grammatical properties on the one hand, and receives its semantic interpretation on the other hand. In this paper, I investigate… read more | Article
Starting from the Government and Binding Theory until the Minimalist Program, it is assumed that structural case (i.e. nominative and accusative case) is assigned to an NP argument through its structural relation with a case assigner. Nominative case is assigned by the finite inflection or is… read more | Article
Leung, Tommi Tsz-Cheung. 2010. On the mathematical foundations of crash-proof grammars. Exploring Crash-Proof Grammars, Putnam, Michael T. (ed.), pp. 213–244
This paper looks at how the particular computational mechanism of Crash-Proof Syntax (CPS) (Frampton & Gutmann 1999, 2002) as an instantiation of the Minimalist Program (Chomsky 1995) can be understood from the point of view of mathematical foundation that captured the spotlight among… read more | Article
Leung, Tommi Tsz-Cheung. 2009. On the matching requirement in correlatives. Correlatives Cross-Linguistically, Lipták, Anikó (ed.), pp. 309–341