Doriana Cimmino

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This chapter is devoted to the functional variation of Left Marked Structures (LMSs) – namely, Left Dislocations (LDs) and Preposings (PRs) –, which are generally described as topic-marking discourse strategies. Results from a corpus-based and multi-level investigation demonstrate that in spoken… read more | Chapter
This chapter describes the interaction between distribution and functional uses of the Italian Adversative Pragmatic Markers (APMs) ma and però in spontaneous spoken language. These forms are claimed to be distributionally and functionally asymmetrical, as ma preferentially occurs in the left… read more | Chapter
De Cesare, Anna-Maria, Ana Albom, Doriana Cimmino and Marta Lupica Spagnolo 2020 Domain adverbials in the news: A corpus-based contrastive study of English, German, French, Italian and SpanishLanguages in Contrast 20:1, pp. 31–57
This article examines the functional category of domain adverbials (DAs), which arose fairly recently in the European languages and is claimed to occur frequently in the written press. In order to better understand this category, we investigate the form, use and meaning of DAs in English, German,… read more | Article
Lombardi Vallauri, Edoardo, Laura Baranzini, Doriana Cimmino, Federica Cominetti, Claudia Coppola and Giorgia Mannaioli 2020 Implicit argumentation and persuasion: A measuring modelArgumentation and Meaning: Semantic and pragmatic reflexions, Oswald, Steve, Sara Greco, Johanna Miecznikowski, Chiara Pollaroli and Andrea Rocci (eds.), pp. 95–123
The paper provides evidence that linguistic strategies based on the implicit encoding of information are effective means of deceptive argumentation and manipulation, as they can ease the acceptance of doubtful arguments by distracting addressees’ attention and by encouraging shallow processing of… read more | Article