Sander Lestrade

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sander Lestrade plays a role.


Linguistics in the Netherlands 2017

Edited by Sander Lestrade and Bert Le Bruyn

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 34] 2017. iii, 155 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics

Linguistics in the Netherlands 2016

Edited by Jenny Audring and Sander Lestrade

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 33] 2016. iv, 179 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Lestrade, Sander 2015 A case of cultural evolution: The emergence of morphological caseLinguistics in the Netherlands 2015, Köhnlein, Björn and Jenny Audring (eds.), pp. 105–115 | Article
Morphological case is a cross-linguistically widespread strategy to mark the role of participants of an event. Using a computer simulation, this paper will show how case can emerge in languages that have no rules of grammar as a result of cultural evolution. For this, only very general cognitive… read more
Lestrade, Sander 2011 Dutch spatial caseCase, Animacy and Semantic Roles, Kittilä, Seppo, Katja Västi and Jussi Ylikoski (eds.), pp. 281–304 | Article
This paper argues that Dutch has spatial case in the form of r-pronouns. The use of these pronouns is rather restricted, which explains the fact that they have not been recognized as spatial case markers before. The restricted use in Dutch is due to two simultaneously applying principles that are… read more
Lestrade, Sander and Peter de Swart 2010 Individuation and semantic role interpretation in the adpositional domainTransitivity: Form, Meaning, Acquisition, and Processing, Brandt, Patrick and Marco García García (eds.), pp. 279–300 | Article
In this chapter we discuss the role of Individuation on semantic role interpretation in the adpositional domain. Taking the findings of Aristar (1996, 1997) for the case domain as our starting point we examine whether similar observations can be made for the adpositional domain. On the basis of a… read more
Lestrade, Sander 2008 The correspondence between directionality and transitivitySyntax and Semantics of Spatial P, Asbury, Anna, Jakub Dotlačil, Berit Gehrke and Rick Nouwen (eds.), pp. 149–174 | Article
Verkerk, Annemarie and Sander Lestrade 2008 The encoding of adjectivesLinguistics in the Netherlands 2008, Koppen, Marjo van and Bert Botma (eds.), pp. 157–168 | Article