Diane Massam

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Register Variation and Syntactic Theory

Edited by Diane Massam and Tim Stowell

Special issue of Linguistic Variation 17:2 (2017) v, 198 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Typology


Massam, Diane, Kazuya Bamba and Patrick Murphy 2017 Obligatorily null pronouns in the instructional register and beyondRegister Variation and Syntactic Theory, Massam, Diane and Tim Stowell (eds.), pp. 272–291
English is not canonically considered a pro-drop language. Despite this, it does allow null pronouns, although less freely than traditional pro-drop languages like Italian and Japanese. The focus of this paper is the instructional register (characteristic of recipes) where we claim that object… read more | Article
Stowell, Tim and Diane Massam 2017 Introducing register variation and syntactic theoryRegister Variation and Syntactic Theory, Massam, Diane and Tim Stowell (eds.), pp. 149–156
Massam, Diane 2010 Deriving inverse order: The issue of argumentsAustronesian and Theoretical Linguistics, Mercado, Raphael, Eric Potsdam and Lisa deMena Travis (eds.), pp. 271–296
This paper explores word order in Niuean, a Polynesian language with VSO word order, within the context of theories that attempt to constrain the range and limits of possible word orders across languages (in particular Kayne 1994, Cinque 1999, 2005). First it is argued that V-initial order in… read more | Article
Ghomeshi, Jila and Diane Massam 2009 The proper D connectionDeterminers: Universals and variation, Ghomeshi, Jila, Ileana Paul and Martina Wiltschko (eds.), pp. 67–96
We examine the concepts “proper” and “common” to determine how they are encoded in noun phrases. We address the issue of the noun-determiner relation in fixing the value of a noun phrase, arguing that both noun class and determiner features are involved. We suggest that in both definite common and… read more | Article
Massam, Diane 2005 Lexical categories, lack of inflection, and predicate-fronting in NiueanVerb First: On the syntax of verb-initial languages, Carnie, Andrew, Heidi Harley and Sheila Dooley (eds.), pp. 227–242
Massam, Diane and Yves Roberge 1997 Operator-bound clitics and Niuean aiClitics, Pronouns and Movement, Black, James R. and Virginia Motapanyane (eds.), pp. 273 ff.
Lefebvre, Claire and Diane Massam 1988 Haitian Creole Syntax: A Case for Det as HeadJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 3:2, pp. 213–243
In this paper we examine several aspects of Haitian Creole syntax in light of the recent proposal that a determiner can be the head of a minor maximal projection. We argue that an incorporation of this proposal into the analysis of several aspects of Haitian Creole syntax, including clause… read more | Article