Simon Harrison

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Recurrent Gestures

Edited by Simon Harrison, Silva H. Ladewig and Jana Bressem

Special issue of Gesture 20:2 (2021) v, 177 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive psychology | Communication Studies | Electronic/Multimedia Products | Gesture Studies | Signed languages


Harrison, Simon 2021 The feel of a recurrent gesture: Embedding the Vertical Palm within a gift-giving episode in China (aka the ‘seesaw battle’)Recurrent Gestures, Harrison, Simon, Silva H. Ladewig and Jana Bressem (eds.), pp. 254–284
The inner workings of recurrent gestures can now be distilled from almost three decades’ worth of fine-grained studies into gesture form variants, kinesic organization with speech, core semantic themes, and discourse-interactive functions. Yet several questions about this gesture category have… read more | Article
Harrison, Simon and Silva H. Ladewig 2021 Recurrent gestures throughout bodies, languages, and cultural practicesRecurrent Gestures, Harrison, Simon, Silva H. Ladewig and Jana Bressem (eds.), pp. 153–179
In gesture studies, the adjective ‘recurrent’ has developed to distinguish a range of semiotic and conceptual phenomena concerning the nature of meaningful bodily movements. This article begins with a brief and recent history of recurrent gesture studies. We raise ongoing debates concerning the… read more | Article
Harrison, Simon, Silva H. Ladewig and Jana Bressem 2021 The diversity of recurrency: A special issue on recurrent gesturesRecurrent Gestures, Harrison, Simon, Silva H. Ladewig and Jana Bressem (eds.), pp. 143–152
This study examines the form and function of gestural depictions that develop over extended stretches of concept explanation by a philosopher. Building on Streeck’s (2009) explorations of depiction by gesture, we examine how this speaker’s process of exposition involves sequences of multimodal,… read more | Article
This paper investigates metaphor use in a heavily industrialized context. Using video recordings collected at a salmon factory in France as data, I study metaphor in the gestures that workers perform in technical specialist communication along a noisy production line. Within a framework for… read more | Article
This paper describes the organisation of kinesic ensembles associated with negation in speech through a qualitative study of negative utterances identified in face-to-face conversations between English speakers. All the utterances contain a verbal negative particle (no, not, nothing, etc.) and the… read more | Article
Negative structures are a characteristic of all human languages. One such structure is ‘node’ and ‘scope’ of negation. In an utterance, the node is the location of a negative form, and the scope is the stretch of language to which the negation applies. In this paper, I examine a gesture that… read more | Article