Martin Schäfer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Martin Schäfer plays a role.


Schäfer, Martin and Melanie J. Bell 2020 Constituent polysemy and interpretational diversity in attested English novel compoundsSemantics and Psychology of Complex Words, Gagné, Christina L. and Thomas L. Spalding (eds.), pp. 42–61
We explore variation in the interpretation of attested novel compound nouns in English, especially the contribution of constituent polysemy to this diversity. Our results show that effects of polysemy are pervasive in compound interpretation, contributing both to interpretational diversity and to… read more | Article
Schäfer, Martin 2015 Adverbs in unusual placesAdverbs: Functional and diachronic aspects, Pittner, Karin, Daniela Elsner and Fabian Barteld (eds.), pp. 239–272
This article discusses adverbs in the post-head position of English and German noun phrases. It gives an overview of the relevant data and discusses possible category revisions for the items under discussion. While both languages show considerable overlap in the semantic functions served by the… read more | Article