Valeria Darò

List of John Benjamins publications for which Valeria Darò plays a role.


Darò, Valeria, Sylvie Lambert and Franco Fabbro 1996 Conscious monitoring of attention during simultaneous interpretationInterpreting 1:1, pp. 101–124 | Article
This study addresses for the first time on an experimental level the question of whether different modalities of conscious monitoring of attention (normal condition, attention focalization on the input, attention focalization on the output, condition with two voices) may affect the number and the… read more
Darò, Valeria 1994 Non-linguistic factors influencing simultaneous interpretationBridging the Gap: Empirical research in simultaneous interpretation, Lambert, Sylvie and Barbara Moser-Mercer (eds.), pp. 249 ff. | Article
One of the most promising investigational approaches to the study of simultaneous interpretation is towards the field of neurolinguistics and neuropsychology. Several related studies described in the present paper showed: i) the existence of neural systems for translating from L1 to L2 and from L2… read more