Makiko Hirakawa

List of John Benjamins publications for which Makiko Hirakawa plays a role.


Hirakawa, Makiko, Mari Umeda, Neal Snape and John Matthews 2023 An investigation of subject-orientation in the processing of Japanese reflexive zibun by native Japanese and Chinese-speaking learnersCurrent State of Second Language Studies in Japan, Matthews, John and Shigenori Wakabayashi (eds.), pp. 348–377 | Article
The study investigates the L2 acquisition of the Japanese reflexive zibun (self) by Chinese-speaking learners. The aim of the study was to find out whether there are any differences in the interpretation and processing of zibun, a long-distance reflexive that takes as its antecedent only… read more
Snape, Neal, John Matthews, Makiko Hirakawa, Yahiro Hirakawa and Hironobu Hosoi 2014 Aspect in L2 English: A longitudinal study of four Japanese child returneesEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 14 (2014), Roberts, Leah, Ineke Vedder and Jan H. Hulstijn (eds.), pp. 79–110 | Article
Our study reports on data collected on three separate occasions over a period of 12 months from four Japanese child returnees who had lived in the U.S. between 8 and 12 years before returning to Japan. Their English proficiency was assessed by TOEIC and C-test scores, and they were each asked to… read more
Zvaigzne, Meghan, Yuriko Oshima-Takane, Fred Genesee and Makiko Hirakawa 2011 Chapter 16. A cross-linguistic study of verbal and gestural descriptions in French and Japanese monolingual and bilingual childrenIntegrating Gestures: The interdisciplinary nature of gesture, Stam, Gale and Mika Ishino (eds.), pp. 219–230 | Chapter
This study investigated whether the presence of mimetics (sound-symbolic words) in language influences children’s verbal and gestural descriptions by comparing monolingual and bilingual speakers of Japanese and French. Mimetics are present in Japanese, but not French (Kita, 2008). 4 to 6-year-old… read more
Hirakawa, Makiko 2006 More evidence on the knowledge of unaccusativity in L2 JapanesePaths of Development in L1 and L2 acquisition: In honor of Bonnie D. Schwartz, Unsworth, Sharon, Teresa Parodi, Antonella Sorace and Martha Young-Scholten (eds.), pp. 161–186 | Article
Hirakawa, Makiko 2006 ‘Passive’ unaccusative errors in L2 English revisitedInquiries in Linguistic Development: In honor of Lydia White, Slabakova, Roumyana, Silvina Montrul and Philippe Prévost (eds.), pp. 17–39 | Article
White, Lydia, Cynthia Brown, Joyce Bruhn de Garavito, Dongdong Chen, Makiko Hirakawa and Silvina Montrul 1999 Psych verbs In Second Language AcquisitionThe Development of Second Language Grammars: A generative approach, Klein, Elaine C. and Gita Martohardjono (eds.), pp. 171 ff. | Article
White, Lydia, Silvina Montrul, Makiko Hirakawa, Dongdong Chen, Joyce Bruhn de Garavito and Cynthia Brown 1998 Zero Morphology and the T/SM Restriction in the L2 Acquisition of Psych VerbsMorphology and its Interfaces in Second Language Knowledge, Beck, Maria-Luise (ed.), pp. 257 ff. | Article