Steven E. Clayman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Steven E. Clayman plays a role.


Clayman, Steven E., John Heritage and Amelia M.J. Hill 2020 Gender matters in questioning presidentsThe Mediated Communication of Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Politics, Smith, Angela and Michael Higgins (eds.), pp. 125–143
This paper traces the increasing prominence of women in the White House press corps over the latter half of the 20th century, and considers how this trend toward greater gender balance has impacted the questioning of presidents. Modest gender differences are documented in the topical content of… read more | Article
The design of questions in news interviews and news conferences has proven to be an illuminating window into the tenor of press-state relations. Quantitative studies have charted aggregate variations in adversarial questioning, but less is known about variations in the intensity of adversarialness… read more | Article
Clayman, Steven E. and John Heritage 2014 Benefactors and beneficiaries: Benefactive status and stance in the management of offers and requestsRequesting in Social Interaction, Drew, Paul and Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (eds.), pp. 55–86
The implementation and ascription of ‘first actions’ has until recently been an understudied area within conversation analysis. Recently, exploratory studies in the domains of epistemics and deontics have led to a revival of interest in this problem. This paper addresses the same issue through the… read more | Article
Clayman, Steven E. and Tanya Romaniuk 2011 Chapter 1. Questioning candidatesTalking Politics in Broadcast Media: Cross-cultural perspectives on political interviewing, journalism and accountability, Ekström, Mats and Marianna Patrona (eds.), pp. 15–32