Sidney Greenbaum

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sidney Greenbaum plays a role.


Greenbaum, Sidney and Gerald Nelson 1999 Elliptical clauses in spoken and written EnglishThe Clause in English: In honour of Rodney Huddleston, Collins, Peter and David Lee (eds.), pp. 111 ff. | Article
Greenbaum, Sidney and Gerald Nelson 1995 Clause relationships in spoken and written EnglishFunctions of Language 2:1, pp. 1–21 | Article
There are opposing views on whether speech or writing is more complex syntactically. We investigated the complexity of clause relationships in a range of spoken and written text categories: spontaneous conversations, broadcast discussions, unscripted monologues, personal handwritten letters,… read more
Greenbaum, Sidney 1985 C.C. Fries’ signals model of english grammarToward an Understanding of Language: Charles Carpenter Fries in Perspective, Fries, Peter H. and Nancy M. Fries (eds.), pp. 85 ff. | Article