Thomas Goss

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Rogers, Vivienne E., Paul Meara, Rachel Aspinall, Louise Fallon, Thomas Goss, Emily Keey and Rosa Thomas 2016 Testing aptitude: Investigating Meara’s (2005) LLAMA testsEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 16 (2016), Liszka, Sarah Ann, Pascale Leclercq, Marion Tellier and Georges Daniel Véronique (eds.), pp. 179–210
Meara (2005) developed the LLAMA tests as a free, language-neutral, user-friendly suite of aptitude tests incorporating four separate elements: vocabulary learning (LLAMA_B), phonetic (implicit) memory (LLAMA_D), sound-symbol correspondence (LLAMA_E) and grammatical inferencing (LLAMA_F) based on… read more | Article