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Grammaticalization – Theory and Data

Edited by Sylvie Hancil and Ekkehard König

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 162] 2014. viii, 293 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Grammaticalization: Current views and issues

Edited by Katerina Stathi, Elke Gehweiler and Ekkehard König

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 119] 2010. vii, 379 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


König, Ekkehard and Letizia Vezzosi. 2022. Chapter 13. On the development of OE swā to ModE so and related changes in an atypical group of demonstratives. English Historical Linguistics: Change in structure and meaning, Los, Bettelou, Claire Cowie, Patrick Honeybone and Graeme Trousdale (eds.), pp. 309–344
Building on previous comparative studies and comparative reconstructions (König 2012, 2015), we trace the syntactic and semantic development of OE swā, of its adverbial counterpart swylc and of þus to Modern English so, such and thus on the basis of relevant text corpora for OE and ME. In contrast… read more | Chapter
König, Ekkehard and Jingying Li. 2018. Functional similarity despite geographical distance: On the grammaticalization of German mal and Chinese yíxià. New Trends in Grammaticalization and Language Change, Hancil, Sylvie, Tine Breban and José Vicente Lozano (eds.), pp. 55–74
German mal is the reduced version of einmal, i.e. of a construction combining the numeral ‘one’ with a noun originally denoting a salient local unit and later salient temporal units (occasions, frequency). The final stage of the development was a process of desemanticization of the frequency use… read more | Chapter
König, Ekkehard. 2017. Chapter 5. The deictic identification of similarity. Similative and Equative Constructions: A cross-linguistic perspective, Treis, Yvonne and Martine Vanhove (eds.), pp. 143–164
Starting out from the observation that comparisons and assessments of similarity and difference are fundamental cognitive processes and play an important role in a variety of human activities, this article shows that the most basic verbal means for the expression of similarity are demonstratives of… read more | Chapter
This paper argues that the ubiquitous cognitive process of comparing and the resultant judgements of similarity and dissimilarity also underlie the semantic processes of intensification and grading to a large extent. This comparative basis is visible both in the formal properties of many… read more | Chapter
Looking back on three decades of research on focus markers, I will make a cautious attempt to give an overview over this rich set of relevant publications, trying to identify and distinguish general trends, important results, open questions, obvious gaps and errors. I will provide further evidence… read more | Chapter
Recent typological and areal studies of demonstratives, such as Himmelmann (1997), Diessel 1999, 2006), Dixon (2003), Güldemann (2008) and Krasnoukhova (2012), have contributed extensively to our knowledge of possible deictic systems. What is notably absent from these descriptions, however, are… read more | Article
Hancil, Sylvie and Ekkehard König. 2014. Introduction. Grammaticalization – Theory and Data, Hancil, Sylvie and Ekkehard König (eds.), pp. 1–10
König, Ekkehard. 2012. Contrastive linguistics and language comparison. Contrastive Linguistics and other Approaches to Language Comparison, Hüning, Matthias and Barbara Schlücker (eds.), pp. 3–26
After receiving enthusiastic support during the 1960s and 1970s, the program of ‘Contrastive linguistics’ led a somewhat modest, if not marginal, existence during the two subsequent decades. The main reason for the apparent failure of this program was, of course, that the high hopes seen in its… read more | Article
König, Ekkehard. 2011. 19. Reciprocals and semantic typology: Some concluding remarks. Reciprocals and Semantic Typology, Evans, Nicholas, Alice Gaby, Stephen C. Levinson and Asifa Majid (eds.), pp. 329–340
In the concluding remarks that follow the results of the preceding articles are examined and discussed in the light of concepts of reciprocity distinguished in linguistics and other disciplines. It is shown that these contributions enlarge the empirical basis for the study of reciprocity and… read more | Article
König, Ekkehard. 2011. Reflexive nominal compounds. Studies in Language 35:1, pp. 112–127
This paper presents a detailed analysis of reflexive nominal compounds like self-assessment in English and their counterparts in nine other languages, whose number and use has strongly increased in these languages over the last several decades. The first component of these compounds is shown to be… read more | Article
Stathi, Katerina, Elke Gehweiler and Ekkehard König. 2010. Introduction. Grammaticalization: Current views and issues, Stathi, Katerina, Elke Gehweiler and Ekkehard König (eds.), pp. 01–14
König, Ekkehard and Letizia Vezzosi. 2008. Possessive adjectives as a source of intensifiers. Theoretical and Empirical Issues in Grammaticalization, Seoane, Elena and María José López-Couso (eds.), pp. 183–206
König, Ekkehard and Peter Siemund. 2000. The development of complex reflexives and intensifiers in English. Diachronica 17:1, pp. 39–84
SUMMARY Based on some well-established insights into the historical development of English and on a broad typological survey of the relevant domain, an analysis of the development of reflexive anaphors is provided, which raises and answers a number of new questions. The traditional assumption that… read more | Article
König, Ekkehard and Peter Siemund. 2000. Intensifiers and reflexives: A typological perspective. Reflexives: Forms and functions, Frajzyngier, Zygmunt and Traci Walker (eds.), pp. 41 ff.
Traugott, Elizabeth Closs and Ekkehard König. 1991. The semantics-pragmatics of grammaticalization revisited. Approaches to Grammaticalization: Volume I. Theoretical and methodological issues, Traugott, Elizabeth Closs and Bernd Heine (eds.), pp. 189 ff.
König, Ekkehard and Johan van der Auwera. 1988. Clause integration in German and Dutch conditionals, concessive conditionals, and concessives. Clause Combining in Grammar and Discourse, Haiman, John and Sandra A. Thompson (eds.), pp. 101 ff.