Travis G. Bradley

List of John Benjamins publications for which Travis G. Bradley plays a role.


Judeo-Spanish (JS) presents a number of phonological processes involving secondary articulations. This paper establishes novel descriptive generalizations based on labialization and palatalization phenomena across different JS dialects. I show how these generalizations are part of a broader… read more | Article
This paper surveys the distribution of mid front vowels before rhotics in five different varieties of Ibero-Romance and identifies typological patterns of vowel lowering. An analysis is proposed in Optimality Theory that employs a fixed ranking of phonetically grounded markedness constraints… read more | Article
Spanish prevocalic glides belong to the syllable nucleus except when no less sonorous segment is available to serve as onset (Harris 1983, Harris & Kaisse 1999, Hualde 1989, 1991). Phonological innovations in a particular group of Judeo-Spanish dialects point to a novel generalization regarding the… read more | Article
Blevins & Garrett (1998, 2004) argue that rhotic metathesis occurs when listeners reinterpret an elongated [low F3] feature in a non-historical position. However, not all cases are amenable to this account, as no single phonetic property unifies the class of rhotics. We examine two cases involving… read more | Article
Bradley, Travis G. 2006 Spanish complex onsets and the phonetics–phonology interfaceOptimality-Theoretic Studies in Spanish Phonology, Martínez-Gil, Fernando and Sonia Colina (eds.), pp. 15–38
This study analyzes cross-dialectal phonetic variation in Spanish complex onsets in light of recent work on the phonetics–phonology interface. Two basic patterns of obstruent-rhotic cluster realization, vowel intrusion and coarticulation-induced rhotic assibilation, receive a phonetically-motivated… read more | Article
Bradley, Travis G. and Ann Marie Delforge 2006 Systemic Contrast and the Diachrony of Spanish Sibilant VoicingHistorical Romance Linguistics: Retrospective and perspectives, Gess, Randall and Deborah Arteaga (eds.), pp. 19 ff.