Alan Davies

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alan Davies plays a role.


Davies, Alan 2002 The social component of language teacher educationLanguage in Language Teacher Education, Trappes-Lomax, Hugh and Gibson Ferguson (eds.), pp. 49–65 | Article
Elder, Cathie, Jane Warren, John Hajek, Diane Manwaring and Alan Davies 1999 Metalinguistic knowledge: How important is it in studying a language at university?Australian Review of Applied Linguistics 22:1, pp. 81–95 | Article
This paper reports on a project (funded by a small Australian Research Council grant) investigating levels of metalinguistic knowledge of English and other languages amongst first-year undergraduate learners of French, Chinese and Italian and the relationship between this knowledge and success in… read more
Four short-term British Council Key English Language Teaching (KELT) tertiary education projects in South India were evaluated through visits, interviews and study of relevant documents. An evaluation model was developed incorporating four outcome criteria of project success (product, teacher… read more
Davies, Alan 1990 Peter Strevens - 1922-1989English World-Wide 11:2, pp. 275–276 | Miscellaneous