José Francisco Quesada

List of John Benjamins publications for which José Francisco Quesada plays a role.


Jiménez Palmero, Diego, José Luis Pro, Francisco José Salguero-Lamillar and José Francisco Quesada 2020 Chapter 5. ELEna: An interdisciplinary researchControversies and Interdisciplinarity: Beyond disciplinary fragmentation for a new knowledge model, Allwood, Jens, Olga Pombo, Clara Renna and Giovanni Scarafile (eds.), pp. 95–113 | Chapter
This paper focuses on the description of the controversies that arise from the interdisciplinary work necessary for the creation of an on-line platform for learning Spanish as a foreign language, which we call ELEna. The platform develops the learning of written expression skills, thus promoting… read more
Quesada, José Francisco 1999 OverparsingIssues in Mathematical Linguistics: Workshop on Mathematical Linguistics, State College, PA, April 1998, Martín-Vide, Carlos (ed.), pp. 165 ff. | Article