W. Scott Allan

List of John Benjamins publications for which W. Scott Allan plays a role.


Allan, W. Scott and Donna Starks 2000 4. ‘No-one sounds like us?’ A comparison of New Zealand and other southern hemiphere EnglishesNew Zealand English, Bell, Allan and Koenraad Kuiper (eds.), pp. 53–83 | Article
Allan, W. Scott 1987 Lightfoot Noch EinmalDiachronica 4:1/2, pp. 123–157 | Article
SUMMARY Since the publication of Lightfoot's work on the historical development of the English modal verbs (Lightfoot 1974, 1979:81-120), there have been several replies to his analysis. This article is another contribution to that debate and concentrates on three areas. Firstly, the time scale of… read more