Kathryn A. Davis

Kathryn A. Davis

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Sociopolitical Perspectives on Language Policy and Planning in the USA

Edited by Thom Huebner and Kathryn A. Davis

[Studies in Bilingualism, 16] 1999. xvi, 365 pp.
Subjects Language policy | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
Subjects Applied linguistics | Multilingualism | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Davis, Kathryn A. 2009. Language identities, ideologies, and policy relevance: Reflections on Luxembourg studies. Luxembourg, Horner, Kristine (ed.), pp. 174–183
By examining specific articles on the subject, this commentary explores how language policies and use in Luxembourg individually and collectively inform the complex intersections of multilingualism/ecology, identities/agency and nationalism/ideology. These studies suggest theoretical and policy… read more | Article