Nobufumi Inaba

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nobufumi Inaba plays a role.


Inaba, Nobufumi and Rogier Blokland 2019 Predicative possession in South SaamiPossession in Languages of Europe and North and Central Asia, Johanson, Lars, Lidia Federica Mazzitelli and Irina Nevskaya (eds.), pp. 103–123 | Chapter
In this paper, we analyse and describe the HAVE-constructions in South Saami (Saamic, Uralic), from a comparative perspective with other Saamic and Uralic languages. The Saamic languages can be divided into three subgroups: in the first, HAVE is expressed with a verb meaning ‘to be’; the second has… read more
Blokland, Rogier and Nobufumi Inaba 2015 Negation in South SaamiNegation in Uralic Languages, Miestamo, Matti, Anne Tamm and Beáta Wagner-Nagy (eds.), pp. 377–398 | Article
Standard negation in South Saami utilizes a negative auxiliary, which has two tenses (present and preterite), and connegative forms of the lexical verb. The negative auxiliary has a full personal paradigm in the imperative (except for the third person dual), whilst normal verbs only have a second… read more