Hilla Karas

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hilla Karas plays a role.


Karas, Hilla 2022 Objects of remembrance and renewal: Translated materiality in Queen of DreamsTangible translation: Migration and materiality, Ciribuco, Andrea and Anne O’Connor (eds.), pp. 111–133
The relation between translation and experiences of migrants as depicted in fiction has been widely discussed, through the lens of both interlingual translation and cultural translation. The latter refers to the ongoing negotiation and representation of one’s values, symbols, and practices… read more | Article
Studies have covered a variety of aspects related to the translation of political texts and propaganda. However, little has been written about the role that heterolingualism and translation can play in the original versions of these very texts. This article investigates a case in which… read more | Article
This article argues for intralingual intertemporal translations as a separate category within the field of translation studies. Not only do these translations seem to have common characteristics and behaviors, but it is precisely their particularities that make them a key to understanding more… read more | Article