Ángel-Luis Pujante

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ángel-Luis Pujante plays a role.

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Pujante, Ángel-Luis 2022 Chapter 2. Othello in Spain (1802–1844): From theatrical performance to political utilizationOthello in European Culture, Bandín Fuertes, Elena, Francesca Rayner and Laura Campillo Arnaiz (eds.), pp. 49–62 | Chapter
Othello was premiered in Madrid in 1802. The text used was not a translation of Shakespeare’s tragedy, as was held in certain writings, but a rendering of Jean-François Ducis’s French neoclassical version. The play met with immediate success and ran until 1844, both in Madrid and Barcelona.… read more
Pujante, Ángel-Luis and Keith Gregor 2017 Chapter 5. Romeo and Juliet in Spain: The neoclassical versionsRomeo and Juliet in European Culture, Cerdá, Juan F., Dirk Delabastita and Keith Gregor (eds.), pp. 101–118 | Chapter
Though the Italian sources of Romeo and Juliet had already been adapted by Golden Age dramatists in the seventeenth century, it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that Shakespeare’s version of the story began to appear on the Spanish stage. These plays, which drew heavily on the neoclassical… read more