Noriko Iwasaki

List of John Benjamins publications for which Noriko Iwasaki plays a role.



Miyake, Kazuko and Noriko Iwasaki 2021 Fluidity and diversity of Japanese communities in LondonLanguage and Communication of Asian Diaspora Communities in Europe, Wang, Zi and Florian Coulmas (eds.), pp. 260–278 | Article
This paper explores the reality of ‘Japanese communities’ in London and the interrelation between language and identity. First, we trace the history of the Japanese community to around the beginning of the Meiji Era (1868–1912), when Japan emerged from national isolation. We then focus on one of… read more
Japanese mimetics are often reported to be difficult for speakers of Japanese as a second/foreign language (L2). Recent work examining L2 Japanese learners’ comprehension/perception (e.g., Naito-Billen 2013; Nakaishi et al. 2014) found that understanding mimetics is indeed challenging even for… read more
This chapter first discusses an expanded construct of language proficiency, to highlight interpersonal/social dimensions of language, in my work on language learning abroad. I then report on an interpersonally significant but often neglected aspect of learners’ language – hedges. It was found that,… read more