Friederike Kern

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Ethnic Styles of Speaking in European Metropolitan Areas

Edited by Friederike Kern and Margret Selting

[Studies in Language Variation, 8] 2011. vi, 321 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Kern, Friederike 2011 Rhythm in Turkish German talk-in-interactionEthnic Styles of Speaking in European Metropolitan Areas, Kern, Friederike and Margret Selting (eds.), pp. 161–190
In the following contribution, I describe some characteristics of the ethnic style of speaking ‘Türkendeutsch’. My focus will be on the constitution of rhythm, and its forms and functions in talk-in-interaction. Two types of rhythmic principles will be identified, namely a pattern based on accent… read more | Article
Kern, Friederike 2011 IntroductionEthnic Styles of Speaking in European Metropolitan Areas, Kern, Friederike and Margret Selting (eds.), pp. 1–18
Kern, Friederike 2010 Speaking dramatically: The prosody of live radio commentary of football matchesProsody in Interaction, Barth-Weingarten, Dagmar, Elisabeth Reber and Margret Selting (eds.), pp. 217–238
Live commentaries of football matches provide a rich source for the analysis of verbal constructions of drama and suspense. In this paper, I will show how radio reporters construct and employ the different speech styles “building up suspense” and “presenting a climax” for the contextualization of… read more | Article
Kern, Friederike and Uta M. Quasthoff 2005 2. Fantasy stories and conversational narratives of personal experience: Genre-specific, interactional and developmental perspectivesNarrative Interaction, Quasthoff, Uta M. and Tabea Becker (eds.), pp. 15–56
Auer, Peter and Friederike Kern 2001 Three Ways of Analysing Communication between East and West Germans as Intercultural CommunicationCulture in Communication: Analyses of intercultural situations, Di Luzio, Aldo, Susanne Günthner and Franca Orletti (eds.), pp. 89 ff.