Ulrich Hans Frauenfelder

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A growing trend in developmental psycholinguistics is to relate linguistic development to the development of other cognitive systems. Jakubowicz (2005, 2011) in particular argued that the processing of a complex sentence requires considerable working memory (WM) resources and that these resources… read more | Article
Moser-Mercer, Barbara, Ulrich Hans Frauenfelder, Beatriz Casado and Alexander Künzli 2000 Searching to Define Expertise in InterpretingLanguage Processing and Simultaneous Interpreting: Interdisciplinary perspectives, Englund Dimitrova, Birgitta and Kenneth Hyltenstam (eds.), pp. 107 ff.
Frauenfelder, Ulrich Hans and Herbert Schriefers 1997 A psycholinguistic perspective on Simultaneous InterpretationInterpreting 2:1/2, pp. 55–89
Experimental psycholinguistics investigates the cognitive processes underlying our ability to comprehend and produce language using empirical tools similar to those used in experimental psychology. In so doing, it adopts the strategy of cognitive decomposition (see also Massaro & Shlesinger, this… read more | Article