Andrew Hippisley

List of John Benjamins publications for which Andrew Hippisley plays a role.


A natural way of formally modeling language change is to adopt a procedural, dynamic approach that gets at the notion of emergence and decay. We argue that in the realm of morphological change, and notably the reorganization of a lexeme’s paradigm, a model that at a given synchronic stage holds… read more | Article
Hippisley, Andrew, Ian Davies and Greville G. Corbett. 2008. The basic colour terms of Lower Sorbian and Upper Sorbian and their typological relevance. Studies in Language 32:1, pp. 56–92
Berlin & Kay’s basic colour term framework claims that there is an ordering in the diachronic development of languages’ colour systems. One generalisation is that primary colours, WHITE, BLACK, RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, are lexical­ised before derived colours, which are perceptual blends, e.g.… read more | Article
Hippisley, Andrew and Ian R.L. Davies. 2006. Evolving secondary colours: Evidence from Sorbian. Progress in Colour Studies: Volume I. Language and culture, Biggam, Carole P. and Christian Kay (eds.), pp. 127–143
Hippisley, Andrew, Marina Chumakina, Greville G. Corbett and Dunstan Brown. 2004. Suppletion: Frequency, categories and distribution of stems. Studies in Language 28:2, pp. 387–418
Suppletion is where the word-forms of the same lexeme have phonologically distinct stems. A study of thirty languages shows it to be surprisingly widespread, suggesting resistance to the pressure of paradigmatic levelling. While a major factor in its preservation appears to be the high frequency of… read more | Article
Corbett, Greville G., Andrew Hippisley, Dunstan Brown and Paul Marriott. 2001. Frequency, regularity and the paradigm: A perspective from Russian on a complex relation. Frequency and the Emergence of Linguistic Structure, Bybee, Joan L. and Paul J. Hopper (eds.), pp. 201 ff.