Emanuele Brambilla

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Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Interpreting | Philosophy | Pragmatics | Translation Studies


Brambilla, Emanuele 2022 Antifascist argumentation in Giacomo Matteotti’s 1924 speech to the Italian ParliamentArgumentation in European Politics, Andone, Corina and Bart Garssen (eds.), pp. 27–46 | Article
Decades after the Second World War, fascism is still rife in Europe. After acknowledging a certain difficulty on the part of contemporary antifascist arguers to affirm their tenets and discredit those of their opponents, this investigation looks back at the past to examine an inspiring antifascist… read more
Though interpreting is to a great extent about the interlinguistic reproduction of arguments, argumentation theory is almost completely overlooked by interpreting studies, which partly explains the frequent production of pragmatically inappropriate interpreted texts. Against the theoretical gap,… read more