Esther Torrego

List of John Benjamins publications for which Esther Torrego plays a role.


Subjects Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Torrego, Esther 2012 IntroductionOf Grammar, Words, and Verses: In honor of Carlos Piera, Torrego, Esther (ed.), pp. 1–4 | Article
Taking Folli and Harley’s (2007) analysis of Italian fare-causatives as a starting point, and focusing on Spanish, I examine variation in the distribution of the subject of the embedded infinitive in so-called faire-causatives, and I suggest that there is a robust correlation between the size of… read more
Pesetsky, David and Esther Torrego 2007 The syntax of valuation and the interpretability of featuresPhrasal and Clausal Architecture: Syntactic derivation and interpretation, Karimi, Simin, Vida Samiian and Wendy K. Wilkins (eds.), pp. 262–294 | Article
We present a proposal about the nature of agreement processes and the syntax of its output, and demonstrate that this proposal not only advances the overall understanding of agreement, but also contributes to a simpler view of various syntactic phenomena. At the heart of our proposal is a… read more