Francisco J. Varela

Francisco J. Varela

Author/editor of the following title:

On Becoming Aware: A pragmatics of experiencing

Nathalie Depraz, Francisco J. Varela and Pierre Vermersch

[Advances in Consciousness Research, 43]2003.  viii, 283 pp.

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Varela, Francisco J. 2002. Upwards and downwards causation in the brain. No Matter, Never Mind: Proceedings of Toward a Science of Consciousness: Fundamental approaches, Tokyo 1999, Yasue, Kunio, Mari Jibu and Tarcisio Della Senta (eds.), pp. 95–107
Depraz, Nathalie, Francisco J. Varela and Pierre Vermersch. 2000. 6: The Gesture of Awareness: An Account of its Structural Dynamics. Investigating Phenomenal Consciousness: New methodologies and maps, Velmans, Max (ed.), pp. 121–137