Muhammad Hasan Amara

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Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Language policy | Language teaching | Multilingualism | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


This study aims to explore language education policy among Palestinian Arab kindergarten teachers in Israel, employing the framework of language policy proposed by Spolsky (2009), based on three major components: language practices, language ideologies, and language management. A mixed-method… read more | Article
Amara, Muhammad Hasan 2006 13. Language and religion in Bethlehem: A socio-historical linguistic perspectiveExplorations in the Sociology of Language and Religion, Omoniyi, Tope and Joshua A. Fishman † (eds.), pp. 180–196
The paper investigates the development of foreign language education policies in Palestine, at a time when the establishment of a Palestinian state has become a real option, and when, following the Oslo agreements, the Palestinians have become responsible for Palestinian education. As the New… read more | Article
Amara, Muhammad Hasan 2001 Arab language education in the Hebrew stateNew Perspectives and Issues in Educational Language Policy: In honour of Bernard Dov Spolsky, Cooper, Robert L., Elana Shohamy and Joel Walters (eds.), pp. 155–170