Charlotte Gea Lindenbergh

List of John Benjamins publications for which Charlotte Gea Lindenbergh plays a role.


Bardagil-Mas, Bernat and Charlotte Gea Lindenbergh 2018 Realigning alignment: The completeness typology applied to case marking in Jê languagesLinguistics in the Netherlands 2018, Le Bruyn, Bert and Janine Berns (eds.), pp. 1–18 | Article
We analyse case marking in the Jê language family (Brazilian Amazonia) with the new completeness alignment typology proposed by Lindenbergh & Zwart (2017). In contrast with classical alignment typology, the completeness typology first determines whether all grammatical functions participate in a… read more
Lindenbergh, Charlotte Gea 2016 Phrasal and clausal comparatives in DutchLinguistics in the Netherlands 2016, Audring, Jenny and Sander Lestrade (eds.), pp. 70–88 | Article
This paper presents a new analysis of Dutch comparatives and argues that they should be classified into phrasal and clausal comparatives (as e.g. Hankamer (1973) argues for English). Arguments for this classification come from differences in case marking and island effects. Merchant (2009) notes… read more