Roland Hinterhölzl

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Discourse-oriented Syntax

Edited by Josef Bayer, Roland Hinterhölzl and Andreas Trotzke

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 226] 2015. v, 253 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Generative linguistics | Pragmatics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


The paper addresses word order change in the history of English and proposes a novel account arguing that an intricate combination of two factors led to the pertinent changes. In particular, I will address the data and generalisations in Kroch and Taylor (2000) and outline a scenario that may be… read more | Chapter
Hinterhölzl, Roland. 2016. On the variable nature of head final effects in German and English: An interface account. Theoretical Approaches to Linguistic Variation, Bidese, Ermenegildo, Federica Cognola and Manuela Caterina Moroni (eds.), pp. 177–202
The paper investigates head final effects (HF-effects) in German and English and argues that the syntactic configuration that underlies them gives rise to three different types of violations in the interfaces. It is shown that HF-effects are either morphological or prosodic in nature. A diagnostics… read more | Article
Bayer, Josef, Roland Hinterhölzl and Andreas Trotzke. 2015. Issues in discourse-oriented syntax. Discourse-oriented Syntax, Bayer, Josef, Roland Hinterhölzl and Andreas Trotzke (eds.), pp. 1–12
Hinterhölzl, Roland and Nicola Munaro. 2015. On the interpretation of modal particles in non-assertive speech acts in German and Bellunese. Discourse-oriented Syntax, Bayer, Josef, Roland Hinterhölzl and Andreas Trotzke (eds.), pp. 41–70
In this article, we analyze the syntactic and semantic properties of modal particles appearing in non-assertive speech acts in German and in Bellunese. We propose that modal particles in exclamations and special questions function as evidential markers interacting with the evaluative component to… read more | Article
In this paper, I argue that the distinction between OV and VO word orders should not be accounted for by a distinction in the base. More specifically, I argue that this distinction can be reduced to the workings of two parallel interface conditions that define the optimal mapping from syntax to PF… read more | Article
Frascarelli, Mara and Roland Hinterhölzl. 2007. Types of topics in German and Italian. On Information Structure, Meaning and Form: Generalizations across languages, Schwabe, Kerstin and Susanne Winkler (eds.), pp. 87–116
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Hinterhölzl, Roland. 2000. Licensing Movement and Stranding in the West Germanic OV Languages. The Derivation of VO and OV, Svenonius, Peter (ed.), pp. 293 ff.