Rose-Marie Déchaine

List of John Benjamins publications for which Rose-Marie Déchaine plays a role.


Dufresne, Monique, Mireille Tremblay and Rose-Marie Déchaine 2018 The variable use of determiners in Old French and the argument DP hypothesisRomance Parsed Corpora, Tortora, Christina, Beatrice Santorini and Frances Blanchette (eds.), pp. 23–48 | Article
The argument DP hypothesis, adopted by many syntactic analyses, claims that nominal arguments are introduced by a determiner (D), which may be covert or overt. While overt D is obligatory in Modern French (consistent with the argument DP hypothesis), it was not obligatory in earlier stages of… read more
Déchaine, Rose-Marie and Martina Wiltschko 2003 2. On pro-nouns and other “pronouns”From NP to DP: Volume 1: The syntax and semantics of noun phrases, Coene, Martine and Yves D’hulst (eds.), pp. 71–89 | Chapter
Déchaine, Rose-Marie 1995 One beLinguistics in the Netherlands 1995, Dikken, Marcel den and Kees Hengeveld (eds.), pp. 73–88 | Article