Defeng Li

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The exploration of processing patterns is a major topic within the behavioural-cognitive approach to translation and interpreting studies, but existing studies have mainly focused on processing patterns in written translation while largely overlooking other important modes of interlingual… read more
Yang, Shanshan, Defeng Li and Victoria Lai Cheng Lei 2020 The impact of source text presence on simultaneous interpreting performance in fast speeches: Will it help trainees or not?APTIF 9 - Reality vs. Illusion: From Morse code to machine translation, De Laet, Frans, In-kyoung Ahn and Joong-chol Kwak (eds.), pp. 588–603 | Article
The issue addressed in this study is the impact of source text presence on simultaneous interpreting performance in fast speeches. Fast speech rate is assumed to frustrate even professional interpreters in simultaneous interpreting (SI) without source text (ST) scenario, yet little is known about… read more
Translation problems have received considerable attention among translation process researchers and different research methods have been used to identify them. Findings are sometimes inconsistent, and as these studies have mainly studied translation between European languages, little research… read more
Following an earlier study on professional translators which appears in Target 2000, and another on translation students in Meta 2002, this article reports on an empirical study, based on both quantitative and qualitative data, on how administrators of translation/language services perceive… read more
Abstract This article presents a survey of specialized translation courses in tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. By way of an example, a curricular analysis is made of the course Commercial/Business Translation offered at various translation programs in seven universities, following which… read more
Li, Defeng 2001 Language Teaching in Translator TrainingBabel 47:4, pp. 343–354 | Article
Abstract In recent years there has been an increasing interest among translation scholars and practitioners alike in promoting translation professionalism and hence winning recognition for translation studies as an independent discipline. Many have convincingly and justly argued for the… read more
As we are advancing into the new millennium, changes are taking place in translation markets and technology is fast becoming omnipresent. In the face of changes and new technology, translation programs and courses must respond to the changing needs of society. It is argued in this paper that in… read more
To ensure that translation programs meet the constantly changing needs of the market, it is of paramount importance to first identify what those needs are. This article reports on a data-based study of professional translators undertaken in Hong Kong. The study reveals that recent social-political… read more
Abstract Translation has always been an important activity in Hong Kong as a bilingual society. As a result of a series of political changes over the past three decades, there has been a burgeoning of commercial translation activities and hence a greater demand for transíators. In response to this… read more