Marcus Taft

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marcus Taft plays a role.


Native English speakers do not show masked priming effects in lexical decision when a prime word is related to its target purely on the basis of orthographic form (e.g., pillow-PILL, protest-PROTECT). There is strong evidence, however, that non-native English speakers do show such form priming.… read more
In a visual lexical decision task, recognition is shown in two experiments to be harder for possessional adjectives that look like they are inflected verbs (e.g., talented) than for genuine inflected verbs (e.g., consulted), especially when the nonword distractors have real-word stems (e.g.,… read more
Previous research investigating second-language processing difficulties experienced by Japanese native speakers is consistent with the notion that these individuals are representing foreign words in terms of their native phonological structure at an abstract underlying level. This issue is… read more
Taft, Marcus, Carlos J. Álvarez and Manuel Carreiras 2007 Cross-language differences in the use of internal orthographic structure when reading polysyllabic wordsThe Mental Lexicon 2:1, pp. 49–63 | Article
The way in which adult readers process the internal orthographic structure of words was examined in two languages that differ in their syllabic structure, English and Spanish. Readers of both languages were presented with polysyllabic words split according to either their pronounced syllable (e.g. read more
Taft, Marcus and Sam Ardasinski 2006 Obligatory decomposition in reading prefixed wordsThe Mental Lexicon 1:2, pp. 183–199 | Article
The reported experiment examines the impact of stem frequency on lexical decision responses to prefixed words. Both when the nonword distractors had nonsense stems (e.g., recodge) and real-word stems (e.g., relaugh), words with high frequency stems (e.g., unreal) were recognized more quickly than… read more