Lisa J. McEntee-Atalianis

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lisa J. McEntee-Atalianis plays a role.



In September 2015 the United Nations (UN) adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offering an internationally agreed blueprint for economic, environmental and social development. However those most in need and specifically targeted by the SDGs face significant barriers in accessing… read more
McEntee-Atalianis, Lisa J. and Lia Litosseliti 2017 Narratives of sex-segregated professional identitiesNarrative Inquiry 27:1, pp. 1–23 | Article
Building on recent investigations of the role of gendered discourses in constructing and maintaining sex-segregated professions this article highlights the significance of small story analysis for the identification of positioning acts which function as rhetorical warrants for career choices and… read more
This article contributes to recent critical discussion of ‘agency’ in language policy and planning (LPP) research and practice. It argues that whilst scholars have widened their purview to consider the impact of individual actors on LPP in different contexts, the field has not developed or embraced… read more