Cynthia Gordon

List of John Benjamins publications for which Cynthia Gordon plays a role.


Analyzing 20 comments posted in response to YouTube videos wherein two Asian American young women share their “lunchbox moment” stories, or first-person past-oriented accounts of how their (white) classmates at school reacted negatively to food that they brought from home for lunch, we… read more
Gordon, Cynthia and Naomee-Minh Nguyen 2023 Chapter 12. Chef knows best: How translations of an immigrant family’s recipes (re)construct a celebrity chef’s epistemic authorityPragmatics and Translation, Locher, Miriam A., Daria Dayter and Thomas C. Messerli (eds.), pp. 281–305 | Chapter
Our analysis of translation, broadly understood, on an episode of My Family Feast – an Australian TV series hosted by British celebrity chef Sean Connolly that highlights the cultures and cuisines of immigrant Australians – shows how the family’s recipes are constructed as unfamiliar and… read more
I use computer-mediated discourse analysis (Herring, 2004) to investigate one online weight-loss discussion board thread that revolves around medical metadiscourse – an original poster’s depiction of a face-to-face interaction in which a doctor made an unwelcome comment about her weight. Extending… read more
Gordon, Cynthia 2007 Repetition and identity experimentation: One child's use of repetition as a resource for "trying on" maternal identitiesSelves and Identities in Narrative and Discourse, Bamberg, Michael, Anna De Fina and Deborah Schiffrin (eds.), pp. 133–157 | Article
Keller-Cohen, Deborah and Cynthia Gordon 2003 “On trial”: Metaphor in telling the life storyNarrative Inquiry 13:1, pp. 1–40 | Article