Stephen E. Palmer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Stephen E. Palmer plays a role.


Prado-León, Lilia R., Karen B. Schloss and Stephen E. Palmer 2014 Bach to the blues: Color, music and emotion across culturesColour Studies: A broad spectrum, Anderson, Wendy, Carole P. Biggam, Carole Hough and Christian Kay (eds.), pp. 366–379
Schloss, Lawler and Palmer (2008) studied the relation between colors and music. We repeated this experiment with forty-nine Mexican participants. The experimental stimuli were thirty-seven colors and eighteen brief samples of classical orchestral music that varied in mode and tempo. Music that was… read more | Article
Palmer, Stephen E. and Karen B. Schloss 2011 Ecological valence and human color preferenceNew Directions in Colour Studies, Biggam, Carole P., Carole Hough, Christian Kay and David R. Simmons (eds.), pp. 361–376
Aesthetic response to color is an important aspect of human experience, but little is known about why people like some colors more than others. Previous research suggested explanations based on sensory physiology and color-emotions. In this chapter we propose an ecological valence theory based on… read more | Article