Samantha Disbray

List of John Benjamins publications for which Samantha Disbray plays a role.



Disbray, Samantha 2014 Review of Eades, D. (2013) Aboriginal Ways of Using English Linguistic Diversity and Social Inclusion in Australia, Piller, Ingrid (ed.), pp. 276–279 | Review
Disbray, Samantha 2014 Evaluating the Bilingual Education Program in Warlpiri schoolsLanguage Description Informed by Theory, Pensalfini, Rob, Myfany Turpin and Diana Guillemin (eds.), pp. 25–46 | Article
The Bilingual Education Program in the Northern Territory was established in 1973 to deliver an effective education to students in remote Indigenous schools. In 2008, the NT Government closed the Program, citing low student achievement in English literacy as its rationale. This chapter evaluates… read more
Texts in Aboriginal English (AE) and creole varieties have been created by Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers for a range of purposes. In this paper, we focus on materials created in and for five educational contexts, and investigate the orthographic or spelling systems developed in each… read more