Judy Delin

List of John Benjamins publications for which Judy Delin plays a role.


Delin, Judy, Abi Searle-Jones and Robert Waller 2006 Branding and relationship communications: The evolution of utility bills in the UKInformation and Document Design: Varieties on Recent Research, Carliner, Saul, Jan Piet Verckens and Cathy de Waele (eds.), pp. 27–59 | Article
Bateman, John A., Judy Delin and Renate Henschel 2004 Multimodality and Empiricism: Preparing for a Corpus-based Approach to the Study of Multimodal Meaning-makingPerspectives on Multimodality, Ventola, Eija, Cassily Charles and Martin Kaltenbacher (eds.), pp. 65–87 | Article
Delin, Judy, John A. Bateman and Patrick Allen 2003 A model of genre in document layoutInformation Design Journal 11:1, pp. 54–66 | Article
We present a framework for the describing the genres of illustrated documents, based on analysis at five levels: content structure, rhetorical structure, layout structure, navigation structure, and linguistic structure. We also include three sources of constraints under which a document might be… read more
Delin, Judy and John A. Bateman 2002 Describing and critiquing multimodal documentsDocument Design 3:2, pp. 140–155 | Article
Murcia-Bielsa, Susana and Judy Delin 2001 Expressing the notion of purpose in English and Spanish instructionsFunctions of Language 8:1, pp. 79–108 | Article
Using a corpus of written consumer product instructions in English and Spanish, this paper provides a comparative description of the type and frequency of expressions used to convey the notion of an action’s PURPOSE or its goal. Based on our own observations and suggestions from previous… read more
Carroll, Tessa and Judy Delin 1998 Written instructions in Japanese and English: A comparative analysisPragmatics 8:3, pp. 339–385 | Article
Scott, Donia R., Judy Delin and Anthony F. Hartley 1998 Identifying Congruent Pragmatic Relations in Procedural TextsLanguages in Contrast 1:1, pp. 45–82 | Article
In this paper, we present a methodology for the contrastive analysis of comparable corpora of instructional texts in different languages. The methodology is insensitive to the fact that the texts under comparison differ widely in their semantic content, and it can be reliably applied by multiple… read more