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The Discourse of Terrorism

Edited by Encarnación Hidalgo-Tenorio and Juan L. Castro

Special issue of Pragmatics and Society 13:3 (2022) vi, 202 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Identity conflict and the loss of meaning experienced by some Muslim young people in Western countries are key factors behind fanaticism, leading some of them to find purpose in life within extremist groups (Adam-Troian et al. 2021; Moyano and González 2021). The narrative that emerges from the… read more
Benítez-Castro, Miguel-Ángel and Encarnación Hidalgo-Tenorio 2022 “I Am Proud to Be a Traitor”: The emotion / opinion interplay in jihadist magazinesThe Discourse of Terrorism, Hidalgo-Tenorio, Encarnación and Juan L. Castro (eds.), pp. 501–531 | Article
Neojihadism taps successfully into the Internet’s influence to disseminate its oppression narrative of Muslims vs. non-believers (Al Raffie 2012). Whilst this type of radicalisation has received attention from psychoanalysis (Kobrin 2010), jihadist discourse is in need of more exhaustive… read more
Francisco, M., Miguel-Ángel Benítez-Castro, Encarnación Hidalgo-Tenorio and Juan L. Castro 2022 A semi-supervised algorithm for detecting extremism propaganda diffusion on social mediaThe Discourse of Terrorism, Hidalgo-Tenorio, Encarnación and Juan L. Castro (eds.), pp. 532–554 | Article
Extremist online networks reportedly tend to use Twitter and other Social Networking Sites (SNS) in order to issue propaganda and recruitment statements. Traditional machine learning models may encounter problems when used in such a context, due to the peculiarities of microblogging sites and… read more
Hidalgo-Tenorio, Encarnación and Juan L. Castro 2022 Transdisciplinary approaches to the discourse of Islamist extremismThe Discourse of Terrorism, Hidalgo-Tenorio, Encarnación and Juan L. Castro (eds.), pp. 353–360 | Introduction
Benítez-Castro, Miguel-Ángel and Encarnación Hidalgo-Tenorio 2019 Chapter 12. Rethinking Martin & White’s affect taxonomy: A psychologically-inspired approach to the linguistic expression of emotionEmotion in Discourse, Mackenzie, J. Lachlan and Laura Alba-Juez (eds.), pp. 301–332 | Chapter
Utterance production/interpretation depends unmistakably on emotional contexts. This makes the analysis of emotion in language fascinating and difficult, as it permeates all levels of linguistic description. Appraisal Theory is a powerful instrument intended to capture the subtleties of emotion in… read more
Linguistic modality is the expression of the speaker’s subjectivity including possibility, probability, necessity, obligation, permission, prohibition, and desire. This paper analyses a learner English corpus collected at two Spanish universities, paying special attention to which linguistic… read more
The last two decades have witnessed very important economic and legislative changes in the Republic of Ireland, which have contributed to both the reinforcement of national beliefs, and the restructuring of traditional values as well as social practices. In this context, the tendency for some… read more