Miguel A. Aijón Oliva

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Aijón Oliva, Miguel A. 2021 Chapter 10. Languages to buy and sell: Business names and linguistic diversity in a central Peninsular communityLinguistic Landscape in the Spanish-speaking World, Gubitosi, Patricia and Michelle F. Ramos Pellicia (eds.), pp. 269–292
This chapter is concerned with linguistic diversity in business names across the Spanish town of Salamanca. Going from the urban center to the periphery, it examines three areas that are relatively differentiated according to average household income and immigrant population rate, among other… read more | Chapter
El uso de las construcciones modales con deber (aquella en que va seguido de un infinitivo y aquella en que entre ambos se inserta la partícula de) resulta de interés para un enfoque cognitivo-funcional de la elección gramatical como creación de significados. En este trabajo se realiza un análisis… read more | Article
Grammatical persons and their variable referential scopes play an important role in the configuration of discourse and in the achievement of communicative goals. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the use of the Spanish first-person plural from the viewpoint of morphosyntactic choice and style… read more | Article