Barbara May Bernhardt

List of John Benjamins publications for which Barbara May Bernhardt plays a role.


Bernhardt, Barbara May and Joseph P. Stemberger 2020 Chapter 11. Phonological development: Research in multilingual and cross-cultural contextsChild Bilingualism and Second Language Learning: Multidisciplinary perspectives, Li, Fangfang, Karen E. Pollock and Robbin Gibb (eds.), pp. 223–248
In recent years, research in child language acquisition has expanded beyond English and Euro-Western contexts. Canada’s multilingual population and commitments to revitalization of First Nations languages and education underscore the importance of such research. Knowledge of both… read more | Chapter
Gick, Bryan, Barbara May Bernhardt, Penelope Bacsfalvi and Ian Wilson 2008 11. Ultrasound imaging applications in second language acquisitionPhonology and Second Language Acquisition, Hansen Edwards, Jette G. and Mary L. Zampini (eds.), pp. 309–322