Debbie Loakes

List of John Benjamins publications for which Debbie Loakes plays a role.


Walker, James A., John Hajek, Debbie Loakes, Chloé Diskin-Holdaway and Gerry Docherty 2024 Chapter 15. The sociolinguistics of urban multilingualism: Toronto and MelbourneMultifaceted Multilingualism, Grohmann, Kleanthes K. (ed.), pp. 395–413 | Chapter
Changing patterns of global migration and increasing ethnolinguistic (super)diversity hold sociolinguistic consequences for heritage/community languages (HCL) and majority languages in large urban centres. Studies in different cities have noted the existence of (multi-)ethnolects, which may… read more
This study gives an overview of the merger of the dress and trap vowels before laterals, which occurs for some speakers of Australian English in the state of Victoria (in the south-east of the country), as well as in some other varieties of English. Research on this phenomenon in Australian… read more
Texts in Aboriginal English (AE) and creole varieties have been created by Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers for a range of purposes. In this paper, we focus on materials created in and for five educational contexts, and investigate the orthographic or spelling systems developed in each… read more
Wigglesworth, Gillian, Jane Simpson and Debbie Loakes 2011 Naplan language assessments for Indigenous children in remote communities: Issues and problemsAustralian Languages: A challenge for applied linguistics, Walsh, Michael (ed.), pp. 320–343 | Article
The National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) assessments are designed to assess literacy and numeracy of all Australian school children in years 3, 5, 7 and 9, and to act as diagnostics as to whether children are meeting intended educational outcomes. Tests began in May 2008,… read more