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Aptitude for Interpreting

Edited by Franz Pöchhacker and Minhua Liu

[Benjamins Current Topics, 68] 2014. v, 183 pp.
Subjects Interpreting | Translation Studies


Liu, Minhua 2023 User expectations research revisited: Methodological considerationsIntroducing New Hypertexts on Interpreting (Studies): A tribute to Franz Pöchhacker, Zwischenberger, Cornelia, Karin Reithofer and Sylvi Rennert (eds.), pp. 44–65
Survey-based user expectations research is an important line of research on quality in the domain of simultaneous conference interpreting. Its methodology has often been criticised for a lack of rigour. However, few have treated methodology as the focus of their discussion. In this chapter, a… read more | Chapter
Reading is a critical process for conscious learning and enhancing knowledge; however, little is known about reading in interpreters’ professional lives. We used an online survey to collect information about the reading habits of signed language interpreters (n = 1,382) and spoken language… read more | Article
Pöchhacker, Franz and Minhua Liu 2021 Interpreting research in print: A quarter-century updateInterpreting 23:1, pp. 1–17
Liu, Minhua, Ingrid Kurz, Barbara Moser-Mercer and Miriam Shlesinger † 2020 The interpreter’s aging: A unique story of multilingual cognitive decline?Translation, Cognition & Behavior 3:2, pp. 287–309
This article reports part of the first phase of the AIIC Lifespan Study, for which ten conference interpreters over 70 years old were interviewed to learn how interpreters’ professional language experiences interact with their cognitive functions and, specifically, if they demonstrate different… read more | Article
In translator and interpreter training, curriculum designers, instructors, and students have differing expectations regarding the place of research in the curriculum. This article uses a research course the author taught at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) as a… read more | Chapter
Many review articles have been written describing the growth and development of the field of interpreting studies. Few, though, focus on methodological issues. Methodologies for interpreting research have become increasingly diversified in recent years and warrant close examination. This… read more | Article
Motivated by the need for better control of standards of a certification examination for interpreters in Taiwan, this exploratory study aimed at identifying indicators that may be used to predict source material difficulty for consecutive interpreting. A combination of quantifiable measures —… read more | Article
In this article, expertise in simultaneous interpreting is defined as the result of well-practiced strategies in each of the comprehension, translation, and production processes, and the interaction among these processes, which are specific to the needs of the task of simultaneous interpreting.… read more | Article
Liu, Minhua, Diane L. Schallert and Patrick J. Carroll 2004 Working memory and expertise in simultaneous interpretingInterpreting 6:1, pp. 19–42
This study describes an experiment that aimed to determine if performance differences exist in simultaneous interpreting by individuals with similar general cognitive abilities, but different skills specific to the task of simultaneous interpreting. Professional interpreters’ performance in… read more | Article