Svenja Völkel

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Subjects Anthropological Linguistics | Austronesian languages | Pragmatics | Psycholinguistics | Semantics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Völkel, Svenja 2021 Tongan honorifics and their underlying concepts of mana and tapu: A verbal taboo in its emic senseSex, Death & Politics: Taboos in Language, Keller, Melanie, Philipp Striedl, Daniel Biro, Johanna Holzer and Benjamin Weber (eds.), pp. 25–56
The Tongan language has honorific registers, called a ‘language of respect’ (Churchward 1953). These are two limited sets of lexemes used to refer to people of chiefly and kingly rank and thus honour the societal stratification. Anthropological-linguistic research reveals that these honorifics are… read more | Article
Tongan is an Oceanic language belonging to the Polynesian subgroup. Based on previous work (Churchward 1953, Tchekhoff 1981, Broschart 1997), Tongan has been classified as a 'flexible' language by various typological approaches on word classes (Hengeveld 1992, Rijkhoff 1998, Croft 2001). This means… read more | Article