Paul John

List of John Benjamins publications for which Paul John plays a role.


John, Paul and Johannes Frasnelli 2022 On the lexical source of variable L2 phoneme productionThe Mental Lexicon 17:2, pp. 239–276
The current study investigates two lexical explanations for variation in L2 production: approximate (‘fuzzy’) representations vs dual URs. The focus is on Quebec francophone (QF) production of English /θ ð/ and /h/, which a reading-aloud task shows to be highly variable. Variation is problematic… read more | Article
In this study, we used auditory priming to examine the phonological content of lexical entries for adult second language speakers. In particular, we investigated whether, for native speakers of Quebec French, words like they and day as well as three and tree have identical (i.e., homophonous)… read more | Article