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Handbook of Pragmatics: 25th Annual Installment

Edited by Frank Brisard, Sigurd D’hondt, Pedro Gras and Mieke Vandenbroucke

[Handbook of Pragmatics, 25] 2022. xiii, 256 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Este trabajo analiza los rasgos prosódicos de construcciones independientes introducidas por a ver si a partir de muestras orales procedentes de dos corpus de español coloquial peninsular: el corpus Val.Es.Co. (Briz Gómez 2002; Cabedo y Pons 2013) y el corpus COLA de Madrid (Jorgensen 2007). Tras… read more | Article
This paper offers an analysis of insubordinate subjunctive complement clauses (ISCs) in Spanish and aims to contribute to the general debate in Construction Grammar on how to deal with a highly pragmatically specified surface form that expresses several meanings. We explore whether the meanings… read more | Article
The aim of this chapter is to discuss the functional typology of insubordination in the light of Spanish data. The empirical focus is on the functional load of que-initial sentences, which are the most frequent insubordinate constructions in Peninsular Spanish. Que-initial sentences can display… read more | Article
Gras, Pedro, Sofía Pérez Fernández and Frank Brisard. 2023. Chapter 8. Quotative que constructions in Spanish: A constructional variational approach. Constructions in Spanish, Hennecke, Inga and Evelyn Wiesinger (eds.), pp. 193–223
Construction Grammar is a theoretical approach amenable to accommodating any conventional feature of the meaning or form of a construction as part of its description, including lectal information. This paper provides a constructional analysis of the quotative que construction in Spanish,… read more | Chapter