Fuxiang Wu

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Huang, Yang and Fuxiang Wu 2018 Central Southern Guangxi as a grammaticalization areaNew Trends in Grammaticalization and Language Change, Hancil, Sylvie, Tine Breban and José Vicente Lozano (eds.), pp. 105–134 | Chapter
This paper investigates contact-induced grammatical changes that are observed among the Zhuang Tai-Kadai and Sinitic languages in the Central Southern Guangxi Region. Following recent advances in the theoretical analysis of grammaticalization, this paper describes four uncommon grammaticalization… read more
Since Ma (1898), and Wang (1938) in particular, the search for Chinese-specific grammatical patterns has become an important goal of Chinese grammar research, and many valuable attempts and contributions have been made in this direction. However, in the absence of a typological perspective, most… read more