Deniz Akpınar

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This paper is concerned with gender marking in adult French. Four groups of subjects are compared: German-French simultaneous bilinguals (2L1ers) who grew up in France, German-French 2L1ers who grew up in Germany, advanced second language learners (L2ers) who are resident either in France or in… read more
Stöhr, Antje, Deniz Akpınar, Giulia Bianchi and Tanja Kupisch 2012 Gender marking in L2 learners and Italian-German bilinguals with German as the weaker languageMultilingual Individuals and Multilingual Societies, Braunmüller, Kurt and Christoph Gabriel (eds.), pp. 153–170 | Article
This paper explores mastery of grammatical gender in German as weaker and dominant language by Italian-German adult simultaneous bilingual speakers as well as highly proficient L2 learners of German with Italian as their L1. Data show that in both bilinguals and L2ers deviances from the target… read more